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On a cold, rainy dawn in late November 1872, Lieutenant Frazier Boutelle and a Modoc Indian nicknamed Scarface Charley leveled firearms at each other. Their duel would trigger a war that capped a decades-long genocidal campaign emblematic of the United States’ conquest of Native America’s peoples and lands. Robert Aquinas McNally tells the wrenching story that climaxed in the Modoc War of 1872–73, illuminating a dark, long-forgotten corner in our national history.

“Well-paced, with vividly drawn characters and exciting, dramatic prose, Robert Aquinas McNally’s narrative history of the Modoc War is the most thoroughly researched and historically accurate account of that tragedy to date. A tour de force of historical storytelling, The Modoc War, is an insightful exploration of one of America’s most important but forgotten Indian wars.”

— Boyd Cothran, associate professor of history, York University

Simply to Know Its Name

"... a deeply splendid guide into how specifics of Nature reveal a constant presence of the Other. The book revels in... rich imagery with luxurious tonal effects. I read and reread this book, with each rereading drawn deeper..."
– Dick Allen, former Connecticut poet laureate

Songs of the Two Names

"The sheer elegance, impeccable craft, and the authority of these 14-line poems and the cohesiveness of the chapbook, entirely won me over. Here is a true naturalist-poet of the highest order."
– Patricia Fargnoli, former New Hampshire poet laureate

A Wild Idea: The Hunting Trip That Changed John Muir and Created the American Wilderness

"Oh, would John Muir hang his head if he could see what has happened since he first called attention to the encroachment of modern man on the wilderness he loved. This book and its beautiful prose is an absolute must-read."
− Helen Cassidy Page, author of The Equal of God