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CAST OUT OF EDEN Newsletters

The Gnarly Green Root of Today’s Antisemitism

The hate, fear, and loathing in the headlines spring in part from America's struggles dating back more than a century. History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme. Read it here.

What John Muir Could Teach Kristi Noem About Bad Dogs

The poltically ambitious Noem chose to shoot her troubling pointer in a gravel pit, while Muir took a major life lesson from his challenging canine companion. Read it here.

Happy Publication Day!

As Cast out of Eden rolls off the press today, keep in mind that commonplace saying, "You can't tell a book by its cover." Like a lot of things we've been told, that's just plain wrong. Read it here

Something Muir and I Share: Big 10 Educations Endowed by Tribal Land

Take a guess: How did the acreage offered to land-grant universities under the Morrill Act become the federal government's to give away? Read it here.

Coming Attractions: John Muir’s Birthday and Earth Day

Every year it happens: only one spin of the earth separates John Muir's birthday on this coming Sunday, April 21, from Earth Day on Monday, April 22. The two dates aren't actually related, but then again they are, sort of. Read it here.

Beating Grammar and God into Young John Muir

In the end the thrashing taught the exact opposite lesson Muir's abusive father intended. Instead of breaking John, it drove him to escape into a wider, wilder world. Read it here.

Returning Yurok Land Undoes Conservation Movement’s White-Supremacist Origins

Yet another #LandBack success is helping rewrite the future of California's North Coast — in a good way. Read it here.

News Break: Sogorea Te' and Berkeley Flip the Extinction Script

Declared a vanished people a century ago, the Ohlones are rebuilding their presence on the San Francisco Bay shoreline through one of the most significant #LandBack victories in U. S. history. Read it here.

The Plow, a Sharp-Nosed Dog, and Wisconsin’s Discerning Mosquitoes

Young John Muir on the homestead, where his settler family was doing its part to erase Indigenous reality. Read it here.


Lessons from a Master

Adam Hochschild's take on reading and writing history benefits us all, not just writers. Read it here.